How LogChain works

Unleashing the full potential of your supply chain begins with mastering the complex network of its operations. Enhancing supply chain efficiency and providing scalable logistics solutions are not simply about a digital overlay but about a meticulously crafted, comprehensive, and intuitive platform. Embrace the dawn of advanced supply chain management. Welcome to LogChain.


Harnessing supply chain efficiency in every step

Meticulously crafted to operate seamlessly across the intricacies of global supply chains, LogChain serves as a scalable logistics solution that revolutionises how businesses perceive and oversee their supply chain processes. It operates on a three-tiered structure: Data Input, Core Platform and Output Layer, each complementing the other to produce superior results.

How It Works

Data input

The substantial share of logistics and supply chain data is generated by and interacted with by on-the-ground personnel — the ones making things happen, from the warehouse to the truck cab. At LogChain, we prioritise these crucial contributors by putting our technology in their hands, where it’s needed most. Consequently, to unlock supply chain efficiency, you require exact and reliable data. Our platform is tailored to blend with multiple data sources, including legacy systems, IoT devices, and third-party APIs, to present a comprehensive perspective of your logistics and supply chain operations. This all-encompassing data input ensures that your operational decisions are always based on accurate and timely information. Therefore, with LogChain, you have a partner that empowers data-driven decision making, leading to enhanced operational efficiencies and business growth.

supply chain innovation

How It Works

Core platform

At the heart of LogChain is our advanced core platform. It serves as the central command, processing data inputs, and transforming them into actionable insights. The core platform incorporates advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, enabling the system to adapt and evolve with your needs. It meticulously analyses every data point, identifying patterns, predicting trends and highlighting opportunities for improved supply chain efficiency.

How It Works

Output layer

After our core platform processes and analyses the input data, the resulting insights are presented to you through a range of user-friendly interfaces. These include interactive dashboards, real-time alerts, comprehensive reports and more. With LogChain, you gain a complete picture of your operations, providing the insights necessary to make informed and strategic decisions.

supply chain innovation

How It Works

Scalable solution

As your business grows, so does LogChain. Our platform’s structure is built to serve as a scalable logistics solution that matures seamlessly with your evolving requirements, ensuring the continuous provision of superior services regardless of your operational magnitude. Adopting LogChain signifies transcending basic data collection – it signifies stepping into a time of strategic decision-making, powered by accurate, trustworthy, and consequential insights. So, let LogChain be your guide in the intricate journey of logistics and supply chain management, enabling you to steer with assurance and efficiency.

Value-added Solution

Regulatory filing

Bridging international trade borders with finesse, LogChain Customs Clearance stands as a pivotal element of our hero platform – LogChain. It effortlessly streamlines the intricate process of preparing and submitting crucial trade data for compliance, such as import/export declarations. Serving a vast network that includes over 12,000 ports across more than 30 countries, it radically simplifies the complex facets of global logistics, fostering an environment of efficiency for shippers and operators.

At the heart of LogChain Customs Clearance lies an empowering ethos – enabling businesses to confidently stride into international markets.

It offers a crystal-clear, all-encompassing view into the regulatory filing process, underpinning full compliance with international trade laws. By presenting a simplified interface for regulatory management, LogChain curtails the time and resources traditionally consumed in navigating these complexities. This lets businesses pivot their focus onto what truly matters – growth and operational excellence.

With LogChain Customs Clearance, you can rest assured that your cross-border operations are in capable hands, letting you focus on what you do best – running your business.


Technical FAQs

How does LogChain integrate with existing systems?

LogChain is designed to integrate with multiple data sources, including legacy systems, IoT devices and third-party APIs. This enables a comprehensive view of your logistics and supply chain operations, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information at all times.

What type of user interfaces does LogChain provide?

LogChain offers a range of user-friendly interfaces, including interactive dashboards, real-time alerts, comprehensive reports, and more. These interfaces present insights derived from the data processed by the core platform, providing a complete picture of your operations.

How does LogChain use encrypted distributed ledger technology?

LogChain uses encrypted distributed ledger technology to connect all parties involved in a shipment. Every transaction creates a smart contract that drives the shipment transaction flow based on codified parameters, process triggers and algorithms. This ensures clear visibility of what happened when, and that information can’t be changed without another update.

How does LogChain’s core platform work?

At the nucleus of LogChain resides an advanced core platform that refines data inputs into actionable insights to boost supply chain efficiency. It employs sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques, enabling the system to discern patterns, forecast trends, and spotlight opportunities for heightened efficiency within your supply chain operations.

How does LogChain handle growth and scalability?

LogChain is a scalable logistics solution engineered to evolve seamlessly alongside your business needs. As your enterprise expands, LogChain astutely scales to guarantee consistent delivery of top-notch services, regardless of your operational magnitude.

What kind of information can be captured and shared in real-time on LogChain?

LogChain captures and shares a wide range of information in real-time as shipments move from the manufacturer through to destination. This can include certificate of origin, batch numbers, processing data, shipment dates, routing instructions, delivery signatures, shipment statuses and much more. This offers clear visibility and real-time updates, eliminating the need for waiting on paperwork or manual entry into the system.