System critical mass

LogChain transforms the complexities of supply chain management into a streamlined process. Experience a digital solution that surpasses the traditional constraints of system adoption, focusing on immediate and continuous value addition. LogChain's design navigates the challenges of legacy technology, prioritising versatility and providing immense benefit from day one, regardless of the level of stakeholder participation.

System critical mass

Overcoming the legacy challenge

Are you intrigued by the immense potential of LogChain but concerned about the challenges of getting all stakeholders on board? We understand your concerns, and that’s why LogChain was specifically designed to address the legacy challenge of critical mass in adopting new systems. Let us assure you that LogChain adds value from day one, regardless of stakeholder participation.

As a business owner or decision maker, you can leverage LogChain to drive internal efficiencies, cost savings, and optimised workflows. You don’t have to wait for every stakeholder to join the platform to start reaping the rewards. LogChain ensures that you gain value from day one, enhancing your competitive edge and bottom line.

System critical mass

Breaking free from legacy supply chain management

Legacy tech problems in supply change management often require most, if not all, stakeholders to be on a platform for it to work seamlessly and deliver value. LogChain recognised this challenge, drawing upon our deep industry background, and took a different approach.

supply chain management

System critical mass

Benefits of individual company adoption

With LogChain, individual companies can utilise the platform and enjoy singular benefits of use right from the start. You gain internal workflow improvements, optimised data management, world-class cybersecurity, and streamlined processes within your own organisation. These benefits alone enhance efficiency and drive cost savings in your supply chain management and operations.

System Critical Mass

Bridging the “air gap”

Moreover, LogChain bridges the “air gap” where previous attempts have failed. Personal devices, such as smartphones or tablets, enable interactions on the ground with non-LogChain users. For example, your trucking company drivers can effortlessly collect signatures from customers who are not on the LogChain platform using smart devices.

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System Critical Mass

Real-time insights for improved operations

The beauty of LogChain is that it allows data and workflows to continue seamlessly, even without the involvement of all stakeholders in the ecosystem. By capturing data events as they happen, whether through personal devices or IoT devices, LogChain empowers your organisation to remain agile and responsive in supply chain management. Real-time insights enable prompt decision-making, leading to improved customer service, enhanced supply chain security and operational excellence.

System Critical Mass

For site personnel and drivers

Streamlining operations with LogChain: Empowering you at every step

As an operations personnel or truck driver, your role is crucial in ensuring the smooth flow of goods and services within the supply chain. LogChain is here to empower you with a powerful digital platform that streamlines operations, and enhances your supply chain security and efficiency on the ground.

With LogChain, you can experience a host of benefits that improve your day-to-day workflows:

Simplified internal processes

LogChain optimises your internal workflows, making tasks more streamlined and efficient in supply chain management. From managing paperwork to tracking shipments, LogChain provides you with intuitive tools and real-time visibility, enhancing supply chain security, reducing manual errors, and saving valuable time.

Seamless communication

Even if not all stakeholders are on the LogChain platform, you can still collaborate seamlessly. Use familiar communication methods like email to share information, updates and documentation, ensuring smooth coordination with your team and external partners.

Real-time data capture

Capture data events as they happen with ease. Utilise smart devices such as smartphones or tablets, or even IoT devices, to record important information directly into the LogChain platform. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and enjoy the supply chain security and convenience of digital data capture.

Increased flexibility

LogChain empowers you to interact with customers who are not on the platform. Collect signatures, capture delivery details, and stay connected with stakeholders outside of LogChain using your personal devices. This flexibility ensures smooth operations and enhances customer satisfaction.